Friday, October 31, 2014

Today is a day kids love, so please watch out for them this evening. Because Hallowe'en falls on a Friday this year, it is predicted there will be many more people on the streets, so drive even more cautiously watching out for all the ghosts, zombies, princesses & texters! Go visit the wonderful haunted houses where the owners are doing such a remarkable job raising funds for worthwhile causes, like 443 Draycott St. Coquitlam, where the Ayers family has for many years been raising money for Variety. An unbelievable amount of time and hard work goes into these community projects.

Speaking of our children..... When they are ready to buy their first home, typically a condo, please, please let us guide them. Staff in new developments are there to serve the developer - they are not there to give long range real estate advice to the buyers, who have no representation. As a family real estate practice, it has pained us recently to have a couple of these condos as difficult resales - totally unnecessary had their owners had experienced wise advice when buying. There is a lot more at stake than the developer "kindly" throwing in a washer and dryer. New construction of all kinds is more complicated and we are your active, experienced
representatives from first to last - through the choices to the deficiency inspections and a happy move in. We are yours for the long haul and are privileged to be a part of the entire process - not simply signing the contract.
Have a safe, dry, spooky Hallowe'en. And....remember, when it comes to real estate, whatever the climate, we've got you covered! Sheila

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