TGIF and Happy Canada Day!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interesting data from a recent CIBC survey of Canadian households - each household will spend around $13,000 on renovations or home improvements in 2016. Most surprising was that, while 54% were planning on undertaking basic maintenance, 42% had a much greater interest in updating their landscaping, including patios & decks. The survey surmised that somehow this indicated that homeowners were therefore focused on curb appeal, but we realtors have noticed that Canadians have been enjoying extending their living space to the outdoors over the past few years with outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, wood fireplaces and great sitting areas for summer entertaining. We think the survey missed the mark when trying to assess value added from curb appeal rather than added from outside living space! Definitely an asset when selling, aside from enjoying ourselves in the meantime.

Canada's 148th birthday will be celebrated in style in the Tri-Cities this Friday. Firework celebrations both in Coquitlam at Lafarge Lake and Port Coquitlam at Castle Park. Daytime kids activities, live music and food happening in Town Centre Park (Coq), Lions Park (PoCo) and Rocky Point Park (PoMo). Lots going on and in all cases we are encouraged to walk / bike as parking will be at a premium. For details, look on the cities websites.
Have a great weekend - Sheila and Michelle

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