Friday, July 15, 2016

It's not your imagination - tis the season for construction projects happening all through our Cities. However, with fewer people on the roads in summer (? theoretically), better now than in the dark and cold of winter. But it does spell caution when you are driving. If you want to know the precise nature of the projects go on the City websites.

On the upside of summer activities you can listen to a great variety of music in Rocky Point Park every Sunday from 2pm this month and through August. And Port Moody Film Society is showing 2 films indoors and outdoors August 13 - For the water babies all our outdoor pools & swim lessons are in full swing.

We have focused a lot lately on that huge demographic, down-sizers, heating up the market for more spacious condos. Another equally large buying group is that of single females - a recent study reported that women in their 20s represent one-third of condo sales in several major Canadian cities, including Toronto & Vancouver. 84% of single parents who own condos are women. CMHC data from 2011 indicates that women represented 65% of condo owners living alone.
BMO senior VP, Susan Brown, says "We know women are starting more businesses than men" so no surprise that the single person household is now among the fastest growing category in Canada's real estate market. Sincerely hope that the developers are paying attention to the priorities of female buyers - which range through security ( top of the list) through storage, social areas, well equipped gyms, natural light & a more luxurious feel. Because they have not been paying attention to the down-sizers - we are losing many of our retirees, who are among the most productive citizens, volunteering, fund raising etc. because they can't find the housing they want here.
Time for us to give input to our planning departments and City Councils!
Have a great sunny week. Make the most of every ray. Your partners in real estate - Sheila & Michelle

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