Permits - What Homeowners Need to Know

Friday, January 13, 2017

Permits - the necessary evil! BEWARE of the gas fitter, the contractor, electrician etc. doing professional work on upgrades and renos in your home who tells you that permits are unnecessary, as they are professional licensed tradespeople. Also BEWARE of the tradespeople who charge you for permits you never see and turn out to be not registered either at City Hall or BC Safety Authority.

Whenever you have any work done, check with City Hall if permits are required. They are always required for installation of a new furnace, gas fireplace & electrical work. You must have a copy -proof that the final inspection is completed and permit in place, not simply applied for. Aside from the obvious safety and insurance issues, you will be required to prove you have permits when you come to sell your home. The confidence that comes with the proof that all work has been completed properly affects your bottom line as a seller and lack of permits etc. can discourage a buyer from even making an offer.

Even worse, is the scenario where a seller without permits has to have the City inspect the work, then have the seller redo it to code. This has happened too many times - like taking every nail out of a huge deck! Be prepared to deal only with the professional contractor who is on top of this and then ensure that you have copies.

If you have questions, check with your municipality. And.. please feel free to check in with us. We are happy to answer those queries about which upgrades add to value and which do not.

As always, we have you covered. Sheila and Michelle.

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