TGIF – Love is in the air! Celebrating Family Day, Valentine’s Day, and National Umbrella Day.

Friday, February 10, 2017

It’s official – they’ve got a holiday for everything now, don’t they?

This year’s Family Day is on Monday, Feb. 13th, giving us a much-deserved long weekend. With plenty of family-friendly activities scheduled in every city –many of them free of charge - the ‘burbs truly are a wonderful place to raise our families.

Following Family Day, comes Valentines Day on Tuesday, Feb. 14th . If you needed an excuse to partake in some of our local sweet treats or enjoy a beautiful meal out, here it is!

And today, Friday Feb.10th, we honour one of the most useful inventions known to Vancouverites – the all-mighty umbrella! Every year on February 10th, this protective piece of rain gear is celebrated across the nation.

Not only does it keep us dry from the rain, but the umbrella also protects us from the heat of the sun (especially during patio season) - a wonderful friend, year-round!

The YVR ‘burbs are known for our West Coast weather: mild, temperate, and a bit rainy during the cooler months. If you live here, chances are you’ve got a solid pair of gumboots and a large umbrella at the ready for whenever the skies may open.

Beyond a helpful accessory, the umbrella holds a great deal of significance to our team. In fact, we even incorporated the umbrella into our branding, along with the now-recognizable “walking lady”, in 2013.

Why, you might ask?

We consider our team to be your umbrella for the (sometimes) unpredictable climes of the Real Estate market. It’s our mission to keep you covered, for every step of your Real Estate journey.

Through the ins, and through the outs – through the rainy skies, and through the sunny times – you can count on us to keep you informed.

Need one? Swing by our office and pick one up. It’s our gift to you!

Sometimes, Jimmy says it best:

”I didn’t invent the rainy day. I just own the best umbrella.”
Jimmy Fallon

Just like your favorite umbrella? We’ve got you covered.

- Sheila and Michelle

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