TGIF - Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 12, 2017

This weekend we are honoring our mothers, grandmothers and the wonderful influence of motherhood in general. More than 40 countries observe Mother's Day, not all on the same date, but mostly in May. Canadian Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday in May.

Mothers have been making a significant difference in the world outside of their families and careers. Mothers Against Drunk Driving have influenced the laws & the justice system as well as supporting victims over the past 30 years. Raging Grannies are constantly raising awareness of issues relating to peace, the environment and social justice. And they do it with humour.

Speaking of humour, it's time to see 'Mom's the Word 3: Nest 1/2 empty" - a brand new live show at the Arts Club Granville Island Stage 'till May 27. The same creative team which brought us the first 2 hilarious 'Mom's the Word' shows are now focusing on that time when kids are grown, marriages 'evolved' and Moms are getting older. These writer Moms are examining every embarrassing detail of their own history in order to connect and make us laugh. Check in with me for a critique as I am going to see the show this evening.

So... Happy Mother's Day everyone!

We remain your two real estate Mums keeping you covered.
Sheila and Michelle

Update from Sheila - The full house at Granville Island Stage last night spent 3 hours laughing out loud at the reality of being middle aged Moms with now adult children. Excellent funny & poignant production, "Mom's the Word 3 - Nest 1/2 Empty" being held over til May 27.

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