TGIF: Real Estate Talk in the YVR 'Burbs

Friday, July 28, 2017

We don't really need to say "thank goodness it's Friday" at present - this idyllic summer weather makes every day seem like a holiday with evenings spent outside. Real Estate is not top of mind at present while the beach is calling, so a good time to buy while we actually have inventory without multiple offers on much of our detached inventory! We all know how quickly things can change.

Talking of real estate (what else?), did you know that Canadians are the most digitally active homebuyers? - second only to the UK. A recent HSBC Canada research study found that 29% of recent homebuyers began the conversation with a realtor online. 90% of recent Canadian home buyers had used online research when buying a home. This is in tune with banking and obtaining a mortgage - much of it completed in front of a screen. $2 billion was spent last year funding disruptive high-tech firms in creating innovative methods to do business directly online.

All of this, yet the study still concluded, "The research supports what we already know: while more and more Canadians are embracing disruptive technology in new and exciting ways, the need for the human touch hasn't diminished" (Larry Tomei, Exexutive VP & Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management, HSBC Canada). WHEW!! So, while consistently adapting to our clients' technological needs - very good to know that they still want and need us! And we are always at the ready to interpret current market conditions, trends and answer your questions. If you are contemplating a move now, or in future, and want to maximise your investment, we are your resource.

In the meantime, crank up the road trip music, take in a real baseball game with atmosphere at the Nat, enjoy the magic of Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park, Bard on the Beach in Vanier Park and all the great happenings & outside music performances here in our own municipalities every week.

Whatever the season, we still have you covered - Michelle and Sheila

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