TGIF: A Glance at Last Week – and Charging Into Spring!

This article was published on: 02/15/19 7:56 PM

Love has been in the air this week and the colour is red! With the continuation of Chinese New Year festivities into this week, then Valentine’s Day, my favourite colour is everywhere. If the line ups at Purdy’s and Vivio Flowers were anything to go by, many sweethearts received the traditional chocolates and bouquets all dressed in red and restaurants were cooking the celebratory dinner. It is good to know that we still honour love and that red is still the powerful colour!

With Family Day coming up Monday, we shall be spending time with our family and showing them the love. Enjoy every moment.

Remember that the month of February is also Black History month across Canada, with lots of great events in Vancouver, including inspiring concerts.

At its latest Council meeting, the City of Port Moody voted to support the future and have 100% of the parking spaces in new apartment buildings be equipped with CHARGING OUTLETS. At commercial buildings 20% of parking spaces will be required to have charging outlets. It will then be the developers’ choice whether they actually install the charging stations or leave that to the buyers.

This will undoubtedly add to the value of these suites as every older building in the TriCities is currently discussing how to accommodate electric vehicles and instal air conditioning after the fact. The cost of adding the outlets at the building stage is vastly less expensive than retrofitting later – adding stations to existing parking is estimated to be $6800 per space. Considering that cars create one half of our community emissions, this was a bold, necessary decision on Port Moody’s part.

We of Generations Real Estate Partners are already charged up and working in a more lively Spring market. In spite of the snow and slush, we still have you covered. Bring on those questions!

Michelle, Scott, Sheila, Ray and Shane.

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